Alabama Preacher Wants To Ban Sex: “It Has Never Been Ordained By God, As Dangerous As Cocaine”

Word is sex will decimate your brain cells if a clergyman domiciled in Alabama is anything to go by. Second to that, the amorous act may lead to homelessness and is an instrument of punishing the masses that was conjured up by God. Over the history of the conservative partisan groups, it has become apparent that they are quite uncomfortable with the concept of sex. The ideal situation as far as they go is to be in a position where they can determine the frequency with which one can indulge. How to do it and with whom is also another variable key in their sights. Nowhere is it more apparent than with the remarks of this Alabama preacher.

“Sex has never been ordained by God,” he began. “In fact, it was the first sin, Adam and Eve and the serpent. And you see what happened to the serpent on that. But, like I say, sex is the problem. If you don’t mention sex, two men or two women can live together, share a place, have a place, and one can leave whatever she got, and they can have a ‘merge partner,’ they call it.”

“I say this to the young people: Sex is a very dangerous thing. As dangerous as can be. As dangerous as cocaine or anything else. If you start, say as a young person, and get hooked on that, and it’ll paralyze your mind where you won’t learn very well like you ought to, most time. And it’s gonna create all kinda problems.”

Continuing on with his line of thought, the man said, “Sex, I think, well, sex is the biggest, the most reason, well, all the homeless, abused children in the world is because of sex. And 99.9 percent, I guess there’s been a few [intelligable] that was because of money then. But money and sex is the two worst things out there and sex is a mighty big one.”

There may however be a rational explanation to the dramatic outburst. The American Psychological Association defines Erotophobia as a fear of sex. This could be a good explanation as to why the man of cloth would go as far as exaggerating statistics about homelessness when in actual fact, 47,000 of the homeless population in the US are veterans.



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