Bill O’Reilly Has A Dire Warning For All Americans About Our Founding Fathers.

Bill O’Reilly is the ousted Fox News anchor and show host that is now independently trying to inform America.

I think the far left would prefer he stayed at Fox News. Now that he is free from the network he can speak his mind. That is exactly what he is doing.

He turned his focus to Dallas, Texas. In Dallas, the school district is talking about renaming three schools. All three of them are named after our founding fathers.

Bill O’Reilly explains why:

It makes sense when you think about it doesn’t it? I mean these people want to get rid of the Constitution. They are using this idea of white supremacy to do it.

What is really funny and sad about it all is this. If they succeed it won’t be just the white people that suffer, it will be everyone. The only thing that stands in between an entire world of tyranny and the people, is our Constitution.



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