Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Pride Parade

A group of more than 100 Black Lives Matter protesters marched through the streets of Minneapolis on Sunday during the city’s pride parade.

Black Lives Matter punks blocked the parade for about 20 minutes due to the last minute invitations given to police officers to participate in the parade.

The protesters wanted to raise the issue of police treatment of minorities. They were also opposed to the decision to extend an invitation last-minute for police officers to take part in the parade, The Hill reported.

The parade was held just after a controversy had erupted over whether uniformed police officers could take part in the event.

The protesters who stopped the parade were carrying signs like “Black Lives Matter,” “No KKKops at Pride! Make Pride Revolutionary Again!” and “Justice for Philando.” They also started chanting, “No justice, no peace, no pride in

Some of the protesters were chanting: “No justice, no peace, no pride in the police.”

Organizers of the parade had originally decided not to invite uniformed police officers to march in the parade. But days before the event, organizers extended the invitation and apologized.

Watch the video below!

The BLM are angry that they can’t get as much attention and support as the LGBT community.



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